Chapter I – Department of Homeland Security

Subchapter A - General Provisions

Part 1 - Definitions
Part 2 - Authority of the Secretary of Homeland Security
Part 3 - Executive Office for Immigration Review

Subchapter B - Immigration Regulations

Part 100 - Statement of Organization
Part 101 - Presumption of Lawful Admission
Part 103 - Immigration Benefit Requests; USCIS Filing Requirements; Biometric Requirements; Availability of Records
Part 106 - USCIS Fee Schedule
Part 204 - Immigrant Petitions
Part 205 - Revocation of Approval of Petitions
Part 207 - Admission of Refugees
Part 208 - Procedures for Asylum and Withholding of Removal
Part 209 - Adjustment of Status of Refugees and Aliens Granted Asylum
Part 210 - Special Agricultural Workers
Part 211 - Documentary Requirements: Immigrants; Waivers
Part 212 - Documentary Requirements: Nonimmigrants; Waivers; Admission of Certain Inadmissible Aliens; Parole
Part 213 - Admission of Aliens on Giving Bond or Cash Deposit
Part 213a - Affidavits of Support on Behalf of Immigrants
Part 214 - Nonimmigrant Classes
Part 215 - Controls of Aliens Departing from the United States; Electronic Visa Update System
Part 216 - Conditional Basis of Lawful Permanent Residence Status
Part 217 - Visa Waiver Program
Part 221 - Admission of Visitors or Students
Part 223 - Reentry Permits, Refugee Travel Documents, and Advance Parole Documents
Part 231 - Arrival and Departure Manifests
Part 232 - Detention of Aliens for Physical and Mental Examination
Part 233 - Contracts With Transportation Lines
Part 234 - Designation of Ports of Entry for Aliens Arriving by Civil Aircraft
Part 235 - Inspection of Persons Applying for Admission
Part 236 - Apprehension and Detention of Inadmissible and Deportable Aliens; Removal of Aliens Ordered Removed
Part 238 - Expedited Removal of Aggravated Felons
Part 239 - Initiation of Removal Proceedings
Part 240 - Voluntary Departure, Suspension of Deportation and Special Rule Cancellation of Removal
Part 241 - Apprehension and Detention of Aliens Ordered Removed
Part 244 - Temporary Protected Status for Nationals of Designated States
Part 245 - Adjustment of Status to That of Person Admitted for Permanent Residence
Part 245a - Adjustment of Status to That of Persons Admitted for Temporary or Permanent Resident Status Under Section 245A of the Immigration and Nationality Act
Part 246 - Rescission of Adjustment of Status
Part 247 - Adjustment of Status of Certain Resident Aliens
Part 248 - Change of Nonimmigrant Classification
Part 249 - Creation of Records of Lawful Admission for Permanent Residence
Part 250 - Removal of Aliens Who Have Fallen Into Distress
Part 251 - Arrival and Departure Manifests and Lists: Supporting Documents
Part 252 - Landing of Alien Crewmen
Part 253 - Parole of Alien Crewmen
Part 258 - Limitations on Performance of Longshore Work by Alien Crewmen
Part 264 - Registration and Fingerprinting of Aliens in the United States
Part 265 - Notices of Address
Part 270 - Penalties for Document Fraud
Part 271 - Diligent and Reasonable Efforts to Prevent the Unauthorized Entry of Aliens by the Owners of Railroad Lines, International Bridges or Toll Roads
Part 273 - Carrier Responsibilities at Foreign Ports of Embarkation; Reducing, Refunding, or Waiving Fines Under Section 273 of the Act
Part 274 - Seizure and Forfeiture of Conveyances
Part 274a - Control of Employment of Aliens
Part 280 - Imposition and Collection of Fines
Part 286 - Immigration User Fee
Part 287 - Field Officers; Powers and Duties
Part 289 - American Indians Born in Canada
Part 292 - Representation and Appearances
Part 293 - Deposit of and Interest on Cash Received to Secure Immigration Bonds
Part 299 - Immigration Forms

Subchapter C - Nationality Regulations

Part 301 - Nationals and Citizens of the United States at Birth
Part 306 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Virgin Islanders
Part 310 - Naturalization Authority
Part 312 - Educational Requirements for Naturalization
Part 313 - Membership in the Communist Party or Any Other Totalitarian Organizations
Part 315 - Persons Ineligible to Citizenship: Exemption from Military Service
Part 316 - General Requirements for Naturalization
Part 318 - Pending Removal Proceedings
Part 319 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Spouses of United States Citizens
Part 320 - Child Born Outside the United States and Residing Permanently in the United States; Requirements for Automatic Acquisition of Citizenship
Part 322 - Child Born Outside the United States; Requirements for Application for Certificate of Citizenship
Part 324 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Women Who Have Lost United States Citizenship by Marriage and Former Citizens Whose Naturalization Is Authorized by Private Law
Part 325 - Nationals but Not Citizens of the United States; Residence Within Outlying Possessions
Part 327 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Persons Who Lost United States Citizenship Through Service in Armed Forces of Foreign Country During World War Ii
Part 328 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Persons With 1 Year of Service in the United States Armed Forces
Part 329 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Persons With Active Duty or Certain Ready Reserve Service in the United States Armed Forces During Specified Periods of Hostilities
Part 330 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Seamen
Part 331 - Alien Enemies; Naturalization Under Specified Conditions and Procedures
Part 332 - Naturalization Administration
Part 333 - Photographs
Part 334 - Application for Naturalization
Part 335 - Examination on Application for Naturalization
Part 336 - Hearings on Denials of Applications for Naturalization
Part 337 - Oath of Allegiance
Part 338 - Certificate of Naturalization
Part 339 - Functions and Duties of Clerks of Court Regarding Naturalization Proceedings
Part 340 - Revocation of Naturalization
Part 341 - Certificates of Citizenship
Part 342 - Administrative Cancellation of Certificates, Documents, or Records
Part 343 - Certificate of Naturalization or Repatriation; Persons Who Resumed Citizenship Under Section 323 of the Nationality Act of 1940, as Amended, or Section 4 of the Act of June 29, 1906
Part 343a - Naturalization and Citizenship Papers Lost, Mutilated, or Destroyed; New Certificate in Changed Name; Certified Copy of Repatriation Proceedings
Part 343b - Special Certificate of Naturalization for Recognition by a Foreign State
Part 343c - Certifications from Records
Part 349 - Loss of Nationality
Part 392 - Special Classes of Persons Who May Be Naturalized: Persons Who Die While Serving on Active Duty With the United States Armed Forces During Certain Periods of Hostilities